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Together Never | Section 55

A calm topaz sea, illuminated like crystals in the sunlight. Everything was completely visible and peacefully serene, yet without the source of light in the clear sky, the time of the day was hard to predict.

Neal was standing at the beach, waiting. Although he came into consciousness just at the moment, it felt as if he had been waiting since ages. Perhaps because it had been a long time seeing Marisa. It was his first visit here, but everything was so familiar as if he had been here many times before.

Waiting for Marisa, intuitively knowing she could be there at any moment, he looked at the calm sea. The sea waves were drifting in and out in a rhythm, as if composing music. The sound of water was indeed a melody. He slowly breathed and filled fresh salty air in his lungs. It was fulfilling, but the emptiness of missing Marisa was quickly digging everything out again. He missed her so much.

Then she was there. He turned to his right and found her slowly walking toward him from a distance. His heartbeat quickened, but he waited for her.

Gently putting her bare feet one after another on the golden sand, Marisa came closer, leaving behind a long trail of footprints. She met his eyes and smiled.

Neal found his heart pumping love all over him. He looked at her, and all his emotions surfaced. He waited even though he couldn’t wait anymore, and watched her coming forward like a wish. Her hair falling perfectly on her shoulders, her long white gown skidding on the sand behind her, her big dreamy eyes a sign of life, and her lips as inviting as ever. She came closer, and closer, like a beautiful poem composing itself.

Neal took a breath, stretched his hands, and she succumbed in his arms. She was warm, and soft, and delicate. She made him come alive.

Neal softly caressed her hair, moved his fingers on her arms, then held her face.

He looked into her eyes and softly moved his thumbs on her cheeks. Her slightly warmer ears met his fingertips. He kissed her slowly, peacefully, as if he was sure of a lifetime to spend with her, as if she was his life. The sense of completeness filled his heart. She kissed him alike, slowly and softly.

She whispered the words in his mouth. ‘I missed you so much,’ and made his heart beat exponentially.

‘I missed you too,’ he said.

Neal slipped his hand on her waist as simultaneously she turned beside him. She rested her head on his shoulder and they began walking parallel to the waves.

‘Is she still not talking?’

‘No,’ he said, his voice low.

‘She is really out of her mind. Doesn’t she know she’ll never find anyone like you?’

‘I have no idea why she is so heartless. I only want her to talk for ten minutes and I’ll make it alright.’

‘I know you’re really good at that.’ She smiled. ‘Did “Together Forever” work?’

‘I’m not sure if she even read it.’

‘She must have.’

Neal stopped and took a step ahead, facing her. He held her hands and asked her, rubbing his thumbs on back of her palms. ‘Tell me, what should I do to get her back?’ There was pain and need in his voice.

Marisa gently blinked and smiled at him. ‘I don’t know.’ She felt sad for his misery.

‘Come on, she is you in the real world. Who else can tell me better what’s going on in her mind?’

‘Oh dear, I have no idea.’ She squeezed his hands. She felt his pain.

Vulnerable, he looked at her face. She was telling the truth. ‘Can’t you go in her dreams and tell her I really need her?’ he asked impatiently.

‘That’s not possible.’ She shook her head. ‘I can come only in your dreams. She’ll dream some other part of her…not me.’

‘Oh,’ he couldn’t believe he had lost his only hope. He looked at her blankly. Ah, the irony: she was in his arms and still he was missing her so much. There was no way out of this misery.